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2018-2019 Yearbooks

Students who ordered a book at registration:

Distribution will be held Thursday, May 30th & Friday, May 31st in the Cafeteria from 7:35 - 7:55am and 12:05 - 12:35pm.

These times are set to allow all students to get to their classes on time. 

Tables are set up by grade level and then by half of the alphabet.

Photo ID is required!

Students who did not purchase a book at registration:

Yearbooks will be available to purchase for $50, CASH ONLY. No checks!

There is a table next to the senior table to purchase.

If you are unsure if you placed an order, please check your student's fees paid on Infinite Campus!

If you have any additional questions please contact Ms. Engelbart by email or by phone at 204-3089.

Important Deadlines for the Seniors of 2020

October 18, 2019: Senior Yearbook Pictures

Senior Picture Guidelines

Senior Pictures are due October 18th.  All students are asked to submit a digital copy of their senior portrait on a CD or by email to, Subject: Senior Photo Submission Student Name.  Senior Photo pages for the yearbook will be posted on the windows of Room 2042 from in March for proofing purposes.  Edits or issues photos should be brought to Ms. Engelbart.

November 26, 2019: Senior Yearbook Survey & Poll

An email will be sent out to all seniors via their email account. Please check your school email for that information. If you do not get the survey, please email

January 8, 2020: Senior Yearbook Tributes 

CLICK HERE for the paper version of this form.

CLICK HERE for the digital version of this form.

The Senior Tribute section in the yearbook is a place where parents and friends can buy space to congratulate a senior or group of seniors. Families can include favorite childhood pictures, messages, quotes, etc. Digital material is preferred, but not required. After receiving your materials, members of the West High yearbook team will create a special tribute for your graduating student incorporating the yearbook theme.


All information and deadlines are communicated in the following ways:

This Week at West

Regent Reporter

Yearbook Webpage

Westward Ho Facebook Page

Student and Parent Email (make sure that Infinite Campus is Up-to-Date and that you check them regularly)

Oral Weekly Announcements

TV Monitors in the Ash Entrance

Bulletin Boards


Contact Ms. Engelbart, Yearbook Advisor


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