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A V I D and T O P S Logo.AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a college readiness program for elementary through higher education students.  The system accelerates student learning, uses research based methods of instruction and provides meaningful and motivational professional learning.  In MMSD, students can begin the AVID program as early as 7th grade.  When entering high school, students apply to the program and remain in the AVID elective class, with a cohort group of students, all four years of high school.  AVID is designed for students who are in the academic middle who need a little extra support and encouragement to be successful in higher level courses.  AVID students all have a strong dream of attending a 4 year college and the goal of the program is to get them there.

In Madison, we are fortunate to have a strong partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County.  The Boys & Girls Club provides financial support to the AVID program through tutors, school supplies, and field trips.  This partnership is integral to the success of the AVID Program.  In Madison, we are not just AVID, we're AVID/TOPS.   TOPS stands for Teens of Promise, a Boys & Girls Club college readiness program.  To find out how you can get involved, go to the Boys & Girls Club website.

West AVID Newsletter - February 2016 (in espanol)

the AVID and TOPS program is modeled on two successful initiatives (A V I D - Advancement Via Individual Determination and T O P S - Teens of Promise) that produce college enrollment rates at over 95%AVID/TOPS In The News!

MMSD News - West AVID Senior is a Featured Graduate for MMSD - 2.1.16
Youtube Video - West AVID Senior Wins Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County Youth Of The Year Award - 1.27.16
Capital Times AVID Story and Channel 3000 Video - Boys & Girls Club of Dane County receives seven-figure grant to boost AVID/TOPS program - 1.19.16
Madison Commons - West AVID Senior Receives Race to Equity Scholarship - 12.30.15
Capital Times Story and Video on WKOW Channel 27 - West AVID Senior Gets $100,000 Scholarship - 8.20.15

For more information about AVID/TOPS at West, please contact Danielle Borneman or Natalie Kaminsky in Room 1111.

West AVID/TOPS Facebook Page

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Pictured below, AVID students from West High School volunteering at Global Youth Service Day in April 2015 by making bracelets for Special Olympics Athletes and preparing food for the Second Harvest Food Bank.

students holding supportive banners for special olympics. students working in a kitchen in aprons and hairnets

A V I D Student Spotlight: Jacqueline Zuniga Paiz, age sixteen:From the moment I joined my AVID family I, like many others, have strived to become a role model in school, challenged myself academically and have set my sights on a college degree. A V I D (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a pre-college preparation class offered to middle schoolers and high school students determined to improve their grades to stand up and beyond the standards of various colleges. In AVID Students work together to solve their confusion in difficult classes through inquiry-based tutorials, using the Cornell note taking format, scheduling assignments in planners and maintaining an organized binder. Students in the AVID class also research and visit possible colleges throughout the school year: While  comparing financial aid, costs, majors and college life. Some of the colleges I've visited with my AVID family includes U W Madison, U W Parkside, U W Oshkosh, Edgewood and more. As students get closer to important dates like the A C T / S A T, college applications and internships, AVID teachers will stand alongside their students to help them achieve their goals. Paying close attention to their stress-levels, areas of improvement and interests. A truly priceless opportunity, AVID students are destined to lead and succeed wherever they go and whatever they choose.