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October 2020

October 22nd - Daily Announcements 10/22/20 (to students only)

October 21st - Daily Announcements 10/21/20 (to students only)

October 20th - Daily Announcements 10/20/20 (to students only)

October 19th - Family Update 10/19/20

October 19th - Winter Athletics Update

October 19th - Daily Announcements 10/19/20 (to students only)

October 16th - Student Council Election Announcement (to students only)

October 16th - Daily Announcements 10/16/20 (to students only)

October 15th - Daily Announcements 10/15/20 (to students only)

October 14th - Update on Academic and Career Planning Today (to Sophomore and Junior students only)

October 14th - Daily Announcements 10/14/20 (to students only)

October 14th - Seniors: Future Planning Work Day TODAY! (to Senior students only)

October 13th - Daily Announcements 10/13/20 (to students only)

October 12th - Family Update 10/12/20

October 12th - Student Council Vice President Election - Tie-Breaker Ballot (to students only)

October 12th - Daily Announcemetns 10/12/20 (to students only)

October 9th - Grade 11 FuturePaths Program (to Junior students and families only)

October 9th - Daily Announcements 10/09/20 (to students only)

October 8th - Voter Registration Drop-in Sessions (to Senior students only)

October 8th - Daily Announcements 10/08/20 (to students only)

October 7th - Student Council Elections (to students only)

October 7th - Daily Announcements 10/07/20 (to students only)

October 6th - Daily Announcements 10/06/20 (to students only)

October 5th - Family Update 10/05/20

October 5th - Daily Announcements 10/05/20 (to students only)

October 2nd - Daily Announcements 10/02/20 (to students only)

October 1st - Regent Reporter - October 2020

October 1st - Daily Announcements 10/01/20 (to students only)

September 2020

September 30th - Daily Announcements 09/30/20 (to students only)

September 29th - Go to School Night Presentation

September 29th - Holiday Gift Card Donations

September 29th - Daily Announcements 09/29/20 (to students only)

September 28th - Family Update 09/28/20

September 28th - Comng Soon: Invitation to your New York Times account! (to students only)

September 28th - Daily Announcements 09/28/20 (to students only)

September 25th - Personal Essay Senior Workshops Added (to Senior students only)

September 25th - Daily Announcements 09/25/20 (to students only)

September 24th - Make-up for Textbook/Materials Distribution

September 24th - Daily Announcements 09/24/20 (to students only)

September 23rd - Alternate Schedule for Tomorrow (to students only)

September 23rd - Daily Announcements 09/23/20 (to students only)

September 22nd - 9th Grade Transition Groups! (to Freshmen only)

September 22nd - Daily Announcements 09/22/20 (to students only)

September 21st - Family Update 09/21/20

September 21st - Textbook & Materials Distribution - Take 2!

September 21st - 12th Grade Parent Presentation (to Senior Families only)

September 21st - Daily Announcements 09/21/20 (to students only)

September 18th - Daily Announcements 09/18/20 (to students only)

September 17th - Daily Announcements 09/17/20 (to students only)

September 16th - 9th Grade Family Night Presentation (to Freshmen and Freshmen Families only)

September 16th - Daily Announcements 09/16/20 (to students only)

September 15th - Daily Announcements 09/15/20 (to students only)

September 14th - Family Update 09/14/20

September 14th - You're Invited: West Counseling Senior Workshops (to Seniors only)

September 14th - Daily Announcements 09/14/20 (to students only)

September 11th - Daily Announcements 09/11/20 (to students only)

September 10th - Regent Reporter - September 2020

September 10th - Daily Announcements 09/10/20 (to students only)

September 9th - Senior Pictures Due Friday, October 16th (to Seniors and Senior Families only)

September 9th - Virtual Tour of West & Choice Board

September 9th - Daily Announcements 09/09/20 (to students only)

September 8th - 9th Grade Parent Meeting Rescheduled (to Freshmen & Freshmen Families only)

September 8th - Welcome to the First Day of School! (to students only)

September 4th - Open Before Tuesday - Yearbook Photo Challenge

September 4th - Family Update 09/04/20

August 2020

August 31st - Family Update 08-31-20

August 31st - Visual Arts Virtual Start Information

August 31st - URGENT: Senior Textbook Distribution Rescheduled to Tuesday, September 1st (to Seniors & Senior Families only)

August 26th - Textbook & Materials Distribution

August 24th - West Community Update - August 24, 2020

August 17th - West Family Update 08/17/20

August 17th - IMPORTANT - Chromebook Sign-in Change (to students only)

August 12th - Class of 2021 - Join One West and Senior Citizens! (to Seniors & Senior Families only)

August 10th - August Regent Reporter

August 5th - August Update from Dr. Boran