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Welcome to your headquarters for West High School Virtual Learning! 

See the MMSD Virtual Learning Website here.

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Virtual Classroom

Teacher Communications

We have created a West Staff Communication Headquarters which houses a page for each West staff member. Teachers will be updating these pages with weekly messages so you can stay on top of your students' schoolwork.


  • Here is an example of what a day of virtual learning might look like for an MMSD student:

Digital Weekly Student Planner

  • Here is an optional weekly planner to keep you organized and help manage your time. 

  • Create a Google Folder and label “My Weekly Planner” to save weekly copies in.


  • Students may submit missing work from before March 13th.

  • Previous assignments may only improve a student’s grade.

  • 4th quarter/virtual learning assessments may only improve a student’s grade.

  • Grades will not be broken down by 3rd and 4th quarters. Grades will be based on all of the Semester's work. 

  • There will be no final exams for second semester.

  • Second semester will be graded on a pass/no system for high school courses. Pass/no pass will freeze GPA as it stands after the first semester and will not impact a student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA).  MMSD will provide letter grades when requested by a third party. Definitions of Pass/No Pass are listed below:

    • Pass  - Student has met minimum requirements for content standards.  A grade of D (59.5%)- or higher is passing. 

    • No Pass  - Student has not met minimum requirements for content standards. Every effort has been made to ensure that students received feedback and multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery of standards.  Students will receive a No Pass (NP) for the course(s).

Alternative Programs

Please contact the appropriate staff member regarding your questions about various alternative programs:

Tech Support


Our Wireless Access Points (WAPs) are ready to be accessed by students and staff using district-issued devices at five school sites. We are notifying families in today’s family newsletter. Details, including social distance guidelines, are here.

The Dream Bus bookmobile is now operating as a mobile WiFi hotspot. It will be parked at the following locations Monday through Thursday. Observe the same social distancing guidelines required for our school site WiFi access points. 

10 a.m -12 p.m. - close to the corner of Monterey Dr. and Trailsway St. near Warner Park 

1 p.m. - 3 p.m. - Allied Drive Learning Center at 2237 Allied Dr. 

WiFi network: IBR600B-fe2

Password: 44306fe2

Thank you, Dream Bus! The Dream Bus is a partnership between Dane County Library Service, Madison Public Library, and Madison Public Library Foundation.  

Device Request/Issue

  • If you need to request a device or a charger or have a tech problem, please use this Google Form to contact our Librarian Beth Hennes. If you are having trouble with the form, contact Beth at with the following info:

    • Name
    • Student ID
    • Contact phone number
    • Address
    • Problem or device needed (Chromebook, charger, or both)

Health & Wellness Information

From the PE Department

Check out the PE Website that has a great info about health and physical activity! If you want an overview, Mr. Jones interviews Ms. Kroll talking all about the website - see that interview here.

From Nurse Stephanie

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is safe and healthy and practicing social distancing.  If you have any questions regarding Covid-19, or other health issues or need assistance accessing medical care or resources please let me know. You can email me at and I will get back to you the same day. The following link is a presentation with updated information regarding Covid-19.  

Take care of yourselves,

Nurse Stephanie Gramann

From Mr. Powell's Psychology Class

Check out this Padlet on biopsychosocial well-being!

From Our Occupational Therapist Ms.  Shana Greane

Ergonomic Tips


Why are we social distancing?

Check out this video from Flocabulary on why we need to social distance (thanks Ms. Mehls!).

Spaceship You

An interesting video about lockdown productivity.

Student Services

Extra Enrichment

For Seniors

See the Class of 2020 Information Page!

Honoring Seniors

  • Want to be interviewed for a Regent Spotlight Interview? Email Mr. Jones at
  • Share your favorite West memories and future plans with a Virtual Senior Tribute! Fill out the form here or email Natalie (Ash Office secretary) at with questions.

School Contacts

Our mail and fax are being checked less frequently than usual, so please consider sending documents by email instead. If you aren't sure who to email, check with one of the secretaries below and she can connect you with the right staff member.

If you are a community member or have general questions and would like to contact the main office, please email Diane Shaw, the Main Office Secretary at

If you are a parent with a question and aren’t sure who to ask, please be assured that your SLC secretaries are still available by email and can help get your question to the appropriate person.


Regent Reflections

An opportunity for students to show their writing and artistic creations relating to the Covid-19 circumstances. 

Statement of Purpose:

This period of time has been incredibly challenging. Feelings of isolation, anxiety, and fear itself about our current circumstances contribute to a culture of uncertainty and fear. However, often out of such struggle, some of the most powerful work is produced.

We hope to harness some of this work in Regent Reflections. This would be an online compilation of writing and art pieces submitted by students, exemplifying the wonderful art and literary works that have come from such a challenging time. We are hoping that this work could foster a sense of connection for all of us despite being apart. 

These submissions could take many different forms: while it could be something produced during time in quarantine, for example, a poem about personal experience with COVID-19, the work could also be something written before quarantine, that reflects a sense of self and our Regent community. Of course, these pieces would be reviewed by a panel of teachers and students to ensure appropriate subject matter etc.

We have a unique opportunity to show our community the power of literacy and art to express emotions, and to bring us together in a time of such turmoil. 

Submission Guidelines:

We will accept narratives/poetry to art/photography. 

Written work can be of any length. Please remember that it must be school appropriate. 

If you have created a piece of 3D art, take a photo of it and submit the photo. 

Make all submissions to: 

Regent Regent Reflections in the Google Classroom. 

To join and submit, use this code: yvn4uzl

After review of work submitted, we will share your artistic work digitally with the West community. 

You Can Be a Part of History

Now it's your turn to record history as its happening. The Society is actively documenting the impact of COVID-19 on Wisconsin and the world. Our tradition of balancing the collection of artifacts and material with personal experiences is a critical part of this process.  Just like the soldiers in 1861, it is your documentation of your experience living during the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine that will allow the Society to share history with people living 100 years from now.

Every story is important. The Society is seeking individuals and organizations from all walks of life, different backgrounds and cultures.  Perspectives from a retired couple or school-aged child are just as important as those from front-line health care workers. Teachers or supervisors could also make this an engaging group project!

From West Staff to Our Students

We miss you! Check out this video with messages from many of your teachers and other favorite staff members.

SYNC Audiobooks for Teens

The SYNC Audiobooks for Teens program has begun for the summer! Between now and July 29, there are two free audiobooks a week that you can download to keep in your Sora app! New titles come out every Thursday. Look ahead to the next books and find out more on the library webpage or They will even text you a reminder to download the books if you want.

And P.S. Ms. Hennes wants me to remind you that you can borrow eBooks and audiobooks from our library with Sora. Go to or download the app. If we don't have what you want, she might be able to add it pretty quickly! Let her know!

From The English Department


From The Math Department


From The Art Department

Check out this video!

From The Social Studies Department

Check out this video!

From The World Languages Department


From The Special Education Department

"We will teach you in a room. We will teach you now on Zoom. We will teach you in a house. We will teach you with my mouse. We will teach you here or there. We will teach because we care!"


National Honor Society Induction

Congratulations to the 130 new inductees to the National Honor Society! See the induction ceremony here.

Allan Shafer Athlete of the Year

Congratulations to Isaac Casey, the 2019-2020 Allan Shafer Athlete of the Year!

Peg Mueller Athlete of the Year

Congratulations to Kristina Rohrer, the 2019-2020 Peg Mueller Athlete of the Year!

Fine Arts Week

The Performing Arts Department at West High School is proud to announce Fine Arts Week 2020. For almost 50 years, Fine Arts Week has been a large part of our West culture. Because of the unique conditions we are all facing, we would like to open up Fine Arts Week participation to ALL students and staff this year, not just students in our fine arts classes.

West FAW 2020 Announcement

West FAW 2020 Submission Form

West FAW 2020 Video Release Form

West Community Blood Drive

Friday, June 19th, 1:00-6:00, Midvale Community Lutheran Church - Sign up here!

For LGBTQIA+ Allies

Check out this short video and share! 

Here are the links referenced in the video: