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Madison Metropolitan School District

Wood Fabrication 3


Wood Fabrication 3 gives students the opportunity to expand their knowledge of wood product manufacturing. Based on their previous experience in this pathway, students will work in teams to analyze problems and find solutions. Creativity, collaboration, time management, and teamwork skills are a must as products are developed from design, costing, to assembly and quality control.

  • Recommended Grades: 10-12
  • Course Number: TEC3050
  • Credits: 1 credit
  • Course Fees: $40 *
  • Sequence Map: Construction, Fabrication, Manufacturing
  • Note: Elective
  • Prerequisite Recommendation: Successful students will have completed Woods 2 with a “C” or better.

* Course fees are subject to change. You may be eligible for a fee waiver or reduction. The fee waiver request is included in the August online enrollment process under the socioeconomic status section. Your request will be reviewed by authorized school district personnel.