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Madison Metropolitan School District

Peer Tutor


The Cross-Grade Peer Tutorial Program is a service-oriented program for those students who wish to volunteer as  tutors. This program is designed to give academic support to students who may need instructional help beyond  what is available in the regular classroom. Assistance is offered to any motivated student (freshman through  senior) in a variety of subjects. Interested students should select, to tutor, the subject(s) in which they feel the  greatest confidence. Tutors are usually recruited and accepted through a teacher’s recommendation. Credit  depends on the commitment and dependability of the tutor. Enrollment does not guarantee credit since a  working relationship has to be established with another student. This should NOT be used to fulfill close  graduation requirements. Students should sign up in the Cross-Grade Peer Tutorial Room (Room 2026) after school starts in the fall.

  • Recommended Grades: 9-12
  • Course Number: GEN1070
  • Credits: 1/4 Credit
  • Note: Elective