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Madison Metropolitan School District



MULTICO is a company of West High School students chosen by the instructor to reflect the diverse ethnic and racial population of Madison's schools. MULTICO writes and performs a series of short sketches that highlight race, gender, sexuality, and conflict. The group tours Elementary and Middle Schools with an original thirty minute production focusing on the concerns and experiences of children and adolescents in a multicultural, multilingual urban environment. MULTICO is funded by West High’s Regent Drama Club and Friends of West Drama, as well as the MMSD. MULTICO provides younger children with role models from their own and other racial and ethnic groups who are working together, creating together, having fun together, and performing. MULTICO meets the first two periods during first semester only. Application/selection process required for enrollment.

  • Recommended Grades: 12
  • Course Number: GEN7045
  • Credits: 1 credit
  • Note: Elective