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Madison Metropolitan School District

Learn to Swim + Swim for Fitness


*No/Low Swimming Ability* This is for students who are comfortable in the water but need instruction in swim skill acquisition. Students will learn basic swim skills in freestyle, backstroke, sidestroke, elementary backstroke, and breaststroke. Students will be able to swim the length of the pool comfortably and be able to demonstrate each stroke by the end of class. Students will also learn some basic water safety skills

Week 1-9 will be spent on building the foundation for swimming/skills/survival/etc and Weeks 10-18 will focus on using swimming for fitness.

  • Recommended Grades: 9-12
  • Course Number: PHY3035
  • Credits: 1/2 credit
  • Note: Elective; 9th graders who enroll should also make sure to enroll in PE 1: Foundations of Physical Activity.