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Madison Metropolitan School District

English 2 (Embedded Honors Option)


In this year-long course students continue to develop their skills and understandings from the Common Core State Standards grade 9-10 band. Students engage with both literary and informational texts to hone their ability to read, write, and think critically about the course’s themes and topics while engaging in both collaborative work with their peers as well as independent work. Students write shorter and extended texts in the modes of narrative, informative/explanatory, and argumentative texts, leveraging technology, the research process, and the writing process to develop and publish writing.

English 2 Embedded Honors offers the opportunity for all students to pursue advanced skills and knowledge. Honors students will think independently, enjoy robust debate, and value others’ ideas; seek complexity in literary interpretation; demonstrate integrity and leadership in the classroom. In addition to some parallel and additional coursework, students will complete a capstone project to culminate each semester. Each semester the capstone project will address a unique theme and be offered to all tenth graders at once. Embedded honors students can work with any sophomore they choose on the capstone project and will present their project publicly.

  • Recommended Grades: 10
  • Course Number: ENG1040
  • Credits: 1 credit
  • Note: Required;  Meets Requirement for Global Scholars Program (GSP)