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Madison Metropolitan School District

AP U.S. Government and Politics


AP U.S. Government and Politics provides a college-level, nonpartisan introduction to key political concepts, ideas, institutions, policies, interactions, roles, and behaviors that characterize the constitutional system and political culture of the United States. Students will study U.S. foundational documents, Supreme Court decisions, and other texts and visuals to gain an understanding of the relationships and interactions among political institutions, processes, and behaviors. They will also engage in disciplinary practices that require them to read and interpret data, make comparisons and applications, and develop evidence-based arguments. In addition, they will complete a required political science research or applied civics projects. All U.W. System campuses grant credit for a passing grade on the AP exam. More information is available at:

  • Recommended Grades: 11-12
  • Course Number: SOC5040
  • Credits: 1 credit
  • Note: Elective