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Madison Metropolitan School District

Madison West Cell Phone Policy

Dear Regent Families,

As we start the school year, we are paying close attention to creating safe, welcoming and engaging learning environments. This includes having a clear policy on cell phones and other electronic devices.

The universal expectation on cellphones and other electronic devices will be as follows:

During instructional time all cellular phones and electronic devices (including headphones, earbuds and other electronics) are to be Off and Away. Off and Away means, cell phones and/or other electronic devices remain turned off (or silenced with no notifications) during the entire class period.

Students will be permitted to use their devices: Before/After school, during lunch and passing time between classes.

Our policy will follow a tiered approach.

  • Students that struggle with the in-class device expectation will first be warned.

  • Continued non-compliance will result in phone/device confiscation for the remainder of the class period

  • Repeated violation(s) of the policy will result in phone confiscation, parent/guardian meeting, including and up to consequences found in the Behavior Education Plan (BEP).

Each educator will be provided the discretion and opportunity to co-construct (with students) social contracts that may permit the use of cell phones as part of their instructional design. Additionally, teachers and students will also be able to request support from staff, such as the restorative justice coach and/or student services team members should they feel the need.

How can you help? This is a good time to talk with your student about digital citizenship, internet safety and to ensure they understand this expectation. We have resources online at to support these conversations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your students, Assistant Principal or myself. We’re looking forward to partnering with you to build a strong school climate this year.


Daniel Kigeya
The Madison West

* Students who possess a device do so at their own risk to possible loss, damage or liability. Madison Metropolitan School District will not be responsible for the recovery of lost or stolen electronic devices.