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This policy will be enforced at all Madison West HOME athletic events beginning this with the Winter 2017-2018 Season. 

Admissions into HOME games will require the following for adults and students:

- NO bottles, cups, thermos

- NO backpacks, duffle bags, purses (large)

- Searching of purses, pockets, jackets and coats

- Passive Alcohol devices upon entrance


  1. NO chanting or cheering of vulgarity

  2. NO chanting or cheering of sexual epithets

  3. NO chanting or cheering of gender or race inequities

  4. NO chanting or cheering using names of players on the opposing teams

*If any of these are heard or occur that individual or group will be escorted by security/administrator from the stadium, ice arena, gymnasium,etc.  

**A repeat offender(s) will have privileges revoked in attending any home or away athletic events.

This policy will be added to the BEP for Madison West.

Questions?  Contact:

Karen Boran, Principal, West High School

Torrance Hill, Athletic Director, West High School