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Happy May.

We’re in that special time of year where time speeds up as the days grow longer.  This year, time is especially precious to us in schools because we have only had your children face to face over the past few weeks.  We’re just catching up and getting used to these older and wiser versions of our students we last saw in March over a year ago.  They are taller, funnier, and truly a pleasure every day.  Thank you for sending them back to us.

We’re learning about hybrid teaching and learning along with our students.  West staff have once again made another huge adjustment and our students, your children, have been right there with us, supporting us as we transition to concurrent learning (you can learn more about concurrent learning here, at the district website.  Here’s a video that might help as well.)

One reason why the weeks seem so fast in May is the amount of end-of-the-year events, tests and deadlines.  You can find many of the details in our weekly Family Update (5/03/21).

We thank you for your continued support.


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Karen Boran, Ed. D.