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As we approach the final weeks of school, it is important to partner together in support of your child’s education.  Communication is key to this partnership.  As your principal, I have implemented new communication strategies to improve parent and student engagement in our school and school events – This Week At West, increased use of phone messaging to remind parents of upcoming events, hosting some events off site to engage a wider range of families and use of e-mail and text messaging for announcements and events.  My Principal Parent Advisory Council  and Student Advisory Council continues to expand our ability to effectively partner with parents/guardians in their child’s educational journey toward being college, career and community ready.  In addition, we have a strong Latino parent group, La Familia, that has been meeting and providing insight into parent engagement and needs. 

We have been working with staff to utilize Infinite Campus Gradebook as a communication tool for student progress by updating the information every 7-14 days.  We continue to explore ways to make this tool most effective for teachers and parents.  Our staff has also increased the use of e-mail/messaging tools as well as the use of Google classroom to provide more information to families on classroom activities.

I’m very pleased to inform you that soon our school website will be equipped with Google Translate. If you’re not familiar, Google Translate, it is a free service that can instantly translate web pages into more than a hundred different languages.   The translations are automated, and therefore not exact, so they should be used only as a guide to get a general idea of the content. Our hope is that this tool will give more of our non-English-speaking families access to more of the content on our website. This won’t take away from the very important work being done by our Bilingual Resource Specialists. They will continue to provide all of the same interpretation services and translation of important communications including legally required notices, special education documents, student discipline information, weather and school-closing notifications, notices that require a parent’s response and more. Look for the Google Translate drop-down menu in the top right of our website in mid- to late-May. At that time, I invite you to test it out and let us know if you find it useful.

Thank you for your partnership in support of all of our Regents.


Beth Thompson, Principal