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November 2017

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Happy November to Parents, Guardians, Students and Members of the West Community!

Late summer is turning to fall and our work as a school to address climate and culture issues such as cell phone usage and tardies to class continues.  First, we addressed cell phones.  Teachers are starting to see real improvement in student engagement and we know that this change -- with students not having their cells out during class unless authorized by a teacher -- could only happen because parents, teachers, staff and students are working together to change the instructional climate at West.

Our next task is to address students arriving tardy to class.    We are reorganizing our Behavior Assistance Team and Security into a larger, more coherent Climate and Culture team under the leadership of our new Coordinator of Climate and Culture, Ellen Pryor.  Ellen is a veteran member of the West staff and a true leader in the school.  We hope to not only improve the cohesiveness of our response to all student behavior, but also to begin exploring ways to reduce the percentage of students who are tardy to class.  Stay tuned for more information as that evolves.

We continue to focus on how we are supporting all of our students in acquiring the skills and mindsets that make them college, career and community ready.  This year our focus is on the reduction of 9th grade failure rates, as research shows us that 9th grade GPA is a leading indicator of both high school success and college completion (greater than ACT or other standardized tests).  

parent_teacher_conferencesParent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Monday, November 13th from 12:45-8:30pm (early release for students at 11:45am) and Tuesday, November 21st  from 4:30-8:30pm.   Sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences now!   Knowing specifically how your student is doing in each of his or her classes will help tremendously in making your parent/teacher conference more effective. As concerned parents, guardians and family members, you understand the importance of effective home-school communication.   Access to our gradebook on Infinite Campus is crucial for families to understand their student's progress in mastering specific skills and content.  We are also working with our staff to improve our ability to offer training on Infinite Campus at our parent meetings so that all parents have access to this important tool. Conferences are 5 minutes long, so to maximize your time, please prepare ahead by reviewing  your child’s grade status on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Don't know your username or password?  Get username and password help.  For more information about the Parent Portal see the Infinite Campus Parent Portal FAQs and the Infinite Campus Parent Portal Help and How To's. You can also download the Infinite Campus App on your phone. You can prepare for conferences with this Prep Sheet with some possible topics to consider discussing at your child's conferences.  We encourage you to bring your child to the conference, if possible. This allows for a team approach to student success.

We know that parent, family and community involvement is essential for student success.  As the principal of West, I am deeply committed to making our home-school partnership as strong as possible for every child.  Together, we can make sure every child is prepared to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Go, Regents.

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Karen Boran, Ed. D.