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Dear West High School Families,

Many of you saw my letter last week indicating that after 37 years with the Madison Metropolitan School District, I have made the decision to retire in June of this year to begin a new chapter in my life. It is hard to leave a school and district that I love and have spent my entire career serving.   Each and every chapter of my career has been exciting, challenging and rewarding but I feel most fortunate and honored to have spent the past fourteen years as a school leader at West High School. West is a very special place that I hold near and dear to my heart. When you walk into our school, you can feel the culture that promotes community and values our diversity.  West High School is a place where alumni stay connected and always proud to be Regents.   I have had the privilege of working with top notch teachers, staff, parents and community members.  I have enjoyed working with student leadership groups that have informed my practices and our school culture.  My service to the students, staff and families of West High has truly been a great honor.  I will miss you greatly.

I plan to work hard these next six months to accomplish my priority goals for our school and work closely with our district team to assist in a seamless transition of the new principal.  We will continue to focus on our School Improvement priorities:

  • Development of student literacy skills through direct instruction in all classrooms on reading closely and argument writing skills
  • Using learning targets in all classrooms to make the day’s goals clear and allow students to check for their own understanding.  Teachers can then adjust learning plans based on student mastery of knowledge
  • Designing collaborative learning tasks which meaningful engage all students
  • Implementing Restorative Practices to create safe and productive learning spaces where students develop social and emotional skills and strong relationships with peers and adults
  • Continuing to develop family engagement and communication strategies by creating welcoming and inclusive events both at West and in local venues convenient for parents

I would like to invite you to attend my mid-year Parent Meeting in which I will provide updates on our progress and student data results.  Please reserve Wednesday, February 22 at 6:30 to join me in discussion on how our students are doing and what next steps we can take to improve our school and student results.  I/We want West to be a school where each and every student has high levels of engagement, sense of belonging and learning each and every day.

 As we continue through second semester, do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or counselor with questions or concerns.  We want to support all of our students in their pursuit of academic excellence.  Together we can help each and every student reach their personal goals and become the Regent they are meant to be.  Fresh starts, new opportunities, fun school spirit.  I love February and I love West High Regents.

With respect and thankfulness,

Beth Thompson, Principal

West High School