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September 6, 2018

Dear West Community,

Welcome back.  

At the start of the new school year, there are always changes to policies and practices that we make in order to improve outcomes for all students.

Below are four short letters:

  • Our Parking Letter -- we have 89 spaces and 2,632 people in and out of the building each day.  
  • Our Cell Phone Policy -- as we did last year, we have high expectations for our students and their use of electronics in class.
  • Our Academic Integrity Policy -- West has high standards with respect to academic integrity, and we take plagiarism seriously.  
  • Our Partial Day Absence Policy -- West, like many high schools, has had in the past a severe tardy to class issue.  Here's how we're addressing it this school year.

It's a lot, which is why I decided to put it in one email so that you could find this information all in one place.  This information will be shared with your students during the opening days of school, as well as posted on the West Website.  You can also find more information in the full District Policy Guide, West High School Supplement To The District Policy Guide, and the Behavior Education Plan.

We know that our parents and community are an important partner in our work to help every child graduate with a solid postsecondary plan for which they are prepared.  

Your support is very much appreciated.

Karen Boran, Ed.D.