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Physical Education Replacement Credit

Can students get Physical Education credit for participation in a high school sport? If students participate in an MMSD board approved sport, students have the opportunity to apply for Physical Education Replacement Credit (PERC) in their junior or senior year. Through PERC, 11th and 12th grade students can apply for permission to substitute a half-credit of English, math, science or social studies (above and beyond graduation requirements in those areas) for a half-credit of PE. There is an application process and applications must be completed and submitted before your athletic season begins.

There are also eligibility requirements that must be met in order to receive credit:

  • Students must be an athlete in good standing for the full sport season
  • Students  must meet your academic eligibility requirements
  • Students can not incur any suspensions during the sport season

The list of board approved sports can be found in our Board of Education Procedures #3160: Interscholastic Athletics and the policy language governing the PERC process can be found in our Board of Education Procedures #3540: Graduation Requirement.

For more information, please visit your high school athletic office or contact the West High School Athletic Office 204-4103.