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rob mueller-owensNovember 27, 2017

Dear West Families,

You are striving to help your children to take advantage the potential of public education. It is the primary thing that will protect our Democracy. I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of this community with respect to time, talent, and finances.

I want you to know that I was offered an opportunity to accept a leadership position at Whitehorse Middle School. Not only is the school much closer to my home, but it is also in need of work around restorative practices, PBIS, and the creation of student-centered environments. This is a challenge I'd like to take on. Currently, here at West, I believe we are nearly at a critical mass of trained students and staff in Restorative Practices. Soon, RJ will be completely embedded in our culture with the help of Ellen Pryor, Cherie Thibodeaux, Corvonn Gaines, Denise Hanson, Cindy Neusen and Amy Cassiday. We will also be introducing a Restorative and Social Justice Class in the fall to further nurture RJ in our school.

Please continue to stay involved as your schedule permits; we are genuinely grateful for all you do on behalf of the children of this school community. I will miss all of you.

With deep respect,

r mueller owens

Rob Mueller-Owens

Assistant Principal

West High School

Madison Metropolitan School District