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Theme: Snow Ball

Colors: Blue, White, Silver

Aud: Friday, February 14th, 9:53-10:48am

Bell Schedule for Friday, February 14th

Spirit Days (Feb. 10th - Feb. 14th):

  • Monday, February 10th: Groutfit (Gray Outfit)
  • Tuesday, February 11th: Decades Day
    • Freshmen - 20s
    • Sophomores - 50s
    • Juniors - 80s
    • Seniors - 90s
  • Wednesday, February 12th: Blue & Maize
  • Thursday, February 13th: Denim Day
  • Friday, February 14th: Red and White


$10, sold Monday, Feb. 10th - Friday, Feb. 14th, in SLC offices
*Make sure you have your Co-Curricular Participation Agreement on file!


Yohan Bok

Claire Court

Gunce Derin

Tonio Ermakoff

Amaya Grant-Scott

Beeki Gurung

Taylor Henner Ulanski

Astrid Hooper Lofton

Eveyln Hurley

Zachary Jaffery

Hope Judge

Jenna Kohl

Alexander Lemmenes

Forrest Mackay

Claudia Mena

Garrison Parker

Elinor Picek

Celia Ross Serna

Alea Sweeney

Neva White

Mandatory Meeting of Court - Monday, January 27th at lunch in Room 2029