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Global Education Achievement Certificate (GEAC) and Seal of Biliteracy (SBL)

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Thank you for your interest in becoming and being recognized as a global scholar. Global scholars demonstrate knowledge of the world, awareness of diverse cultures and perspectives, the ability to communicate across language and cultural boundaries and a commitment to collaborate with others to improve conditions.  

The requirements of the Global Scholars Program, which includes the GEAC and SBL, are designed to support your journey toward global competence.  This program is for you. The time, effort and thought you invest to complete each requirement are designed to lead to more than certificates of recognition.  Each step of the way holds the promise of learning something new about the world and your role within it. As you work toward completion of GEAC and/or SBL requirements, focus on experiences that are meaningful to you. 

Interested students should contact Deana Zorko or Megan Cunningham for information regarding our Global Scholars Google Classroom. We look forward to your participation with us in your pursuit of global mindedness!

-The West High Global Scholars Committee


  GEAC Requirements

  SBL Requirements

  • 8 Credits of Coursework:  

    • 4 credits of single world language (can include English courses for English Language Learners)

    • 4 credits from multidisciplinary courses w/ global focus or a second world language

  • Cultural Literacy:  independent review/reflection on at least 8 works of media, including 4 books

  • Participation and leadership in 4 Co-Curricular and other School-sponsored Activities

  • Community Service: 20 hours of a public service project around a global issue

  • Final reflection

  • Completion of all state and district requirements for high school graduation

  • Proficiency in English (must complete one)

    • Proficient on State and District reading assessments

    • English Language Arts coursework GPA 2.5

    • ACCESS composite score of 4.0 (ELLs only)

  • Intermediate High level World Language proficiency (Proficiency may vary by language, skill domain, program model and period of study)

  • Sociocultural competence as it relates to English and a partner language

    • Cultural Literacy

    • Co-curricular Experiences

    • Community Service Project

  • Final reflection

GEAC and SBL Comparison Chart

  GEAC Resources

  SBL Resources

GEAC Statement Of Intent

GEAC Qualifying classes - Madison West High School

GEAC Documentation Packet

GEAC Checklist - To help you plan and keep track of your activities

Example Reflections and Reflection Rubric - Scroll to the bottom of the page

Requirements of the GEAC

GEAC and Global Wisconsin Initiative Info

GEAC Brochure

Why You Should Aim For A GEAC

SBL Statement of Intent

SBL Documentation Packet

SBL Checklist - To help you plan and keep track of your activities

Example Reflections and Reflection Rubrics - Scroll to the bottom of the page

Requirements of the SBL

Products, Practices and Perspectives - A cultural framework

**Use of the "3 P's" in student reflections is recommended. Demonstrating awareness of these aspects of culture and incorporating them into reflections allows students to prove their cultural knowledge.

Products - Items required or justified by the underlying beliefs and values of that culture. Examples include books, arts and crafts, tools, foods, laws, dress, types of dwellings, music, dances, and games

Practices - Patterns of social interactions or behaviors accepted by a society, such as rites of passage, use of forms of discourse, social “pecking order,” and use of space

Perspectives - Representing that culture’s view of the world, including meanings, attitudes, values, and ideas

More information on the “3 P’s” can be found here.

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