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Fine Arts Week (May 19-23, 2014) showcased the talent of many West High School Students.  The week included daily presentations of theater, dance and music, open gallery nights highlighting visual art student's work in the The Colucci Gallery, the Art Department Pottery and Craft Sale, and the famous West Pottery Auction.  The West High Pottery Auction was started in 1972 by Ceramics teacher Don Hunt. On Friday of Fine Arts Week students sell their wares and donate a percentage of their earnings to the Art Department. In 42 years we have raised thousands of dollars that have purchased kilns and other equipment, along with funding our West Visual Arts Endowment Fund.

student dancer leaping into the air on stage with ribbonsstudent dancer leaping into the air on stagestudent dancing on stage with knees togetherstudent dance group performing synchronized dance move on stagestudents performing a scene where one gets hit in the face with a pie.a group of students performing a song. two singing, one playing guitar and one playing pianostudent making a clay pot on a potter's wheelhandmade ceramic coffee cups arranged on a tablea hand touching handmade ceramic bowls and cupshandmade ceramic cups and vases on a tabletable full of pottery with students out of focus in the backgroundhandmade ceramic vases on a tablevases on stand in front of podium with sign reading West Art Awardshandmade lampshade handmade jewelrysmall tupperware tub with handmade ear cuffshand drawn character portrait

The week concluded with a recognition ceremony in the courtyard.  
Art Department Scholarship and Scholastic Art Award Recipients


2014 awards being announced by speaker behind podium

student with certificate being applauded