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Madison Metropolitan School District

Special Education

Our goal in MMSD is to ensure all students with disabilities receive their federally guaranteed free, appropriate public education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment, thus promoting inclusive schooling.  Student services advances a diverse, expansive continuum of services and placements essential for both IDEA adherence, and for realizing inclusive schooling.

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Madison Metropolitan School District offers a range of services to students with disabilities requiring special education. Students are determined to be eligible by meeting state criteria in one or more state defined disability areas. Once determined eligible, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is developed and students may begin receiving services.  Students identified as having special education needs are eligible to receive services from birth to age 21. MMSD is committed to provide an equal educational opportunity to all children with disabilities within the district. Services are also available to students attending nonpublic schools. Language support and interpretation is available for families whose native language is other than English.

Disability Advocacy Resources

If you have questions related to our work and/or the contents of our website, please call (608) 663-8442

The Special Education Administrative Team contact information

Directory of Student Services Staff

Capital and Shabazz High Schools and 18-21 year old Transition Programs, Interim Executive Director, Dr. Nancy Molfenter - - 608-575-4269

Eastside Elementary Schools and Early Childhood - Dr. Scott Zimmerman - - 608-663-8486

West Elementary Schools and Early Childhood - Amy Hefty - - 608-516-2740

Middle Schools - Dr. Jan Chynoweth - - 608-663-8485

Comprehensive High Schools - Julie Evert - - 608-516-5845

Intensive Intervention Programs - Martha Olsen - - 608-206-9019 and Andy Tonies - - 608-225-3069

Professional Learning Coordinator – Nakia Wiley – – 608-235-8637