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As a part of the change in schedule, Secondary attendance practices will shift to mirror our Elementary attendance practices.  At Secondary, students will be attending on asynchronous days by completing assigned work, getting additional support as needed, or connecting with virtual mentors. Due to the flexibility in this approach, staff will presumptively submit all students as “present” when taking attendance on Mondays.  We will continue to ask that you, as families, communicate with your school office by communicating with the SLC secretary or using the attendance web app to provide an excusable reason if your student will not be attending on a Monday. We are truly hoping this shift will help reduce stress for all involved, by allowing time and space for more of a focus on student relationship and engagement as we all adjust to our new weekly schedule.

This means that there will be no Google Form to fill out from Virtual Mentors on Mondays as there has been on Wednesdays. Students will be presumed present unless they are reported absent.