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It is important to ensure that students are prepared for each step along their educational journey. One way to determine preparedness is through assessment.
The following assessments will be administered to West High School students in the Winter/Spring of 2019.

ACT + Writing TestACT Logo

  • Wednesday February 20th - 11th Grade All Day

WorkKeys LogoWorkKeys Assessment

  • Wednesday, March 13th - 11th Grade AM

WorkKeys Assessment Information >>>

ASPIRE Assessment

  • Tuesday, April 9th - 9th Grade AM / 10th Grade PM

  • Wednesday, April 10th - 10th Grade AM / 9th Grade PM


Forward Exam LogoWisconsin Forward Exam

  • In Social Studies Classes In The Spring - 10th Grade


Civics LogoCivics Test

  • Winter/Spring 2019

What is the Civics Test? 
The Civics Test is a 100 question, multiple choice test (as given in MMSD), that are the exact 100 questions from the US Naturalization Test. This is required by state law. 
Why is this assessment given?
Wisconsin state law requires all school districts to give a 100 question civics test to all students beginning with the Class of 2017. The questions are very specific: they are the exact 100 questions that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) uses for the US citizenship Test. Students must get 65 questions correct in order to pass. NOTE: this is a new level needed to pass this test. The change is due to State legislation, and is effective as of September 23, 2017.
Who takes this assessment?
The test is required for all students beginning with the Class of 2017. Make-up tests dates will be provided at the school level. Students with an IEP will have to take the test, unless the IEP specifically says that the student will not test. However, the student will not have to achieve the 60% level of correct questions in order to pass. Students may request the test in any language that they feel comfortable testing in. As this material is taught in English, it is believed that most students will take the test in English. MMSD asks that requests for languages other than English, Spanish, or Hmong be made at least 3 weeks in advance in order to ensure that we can get the translation completed. Requests can be made HERE.
How will results be shared? 
Results will be shared with students upon successful completion of the test. Families will receive a letter from the school if the student has not completed the requirement prior to graduation.
How does this assessment reflect my child’s performance? 
Per Wisconsin State Statute, students are required to pass this test in order for a high school diploma to be awarded. This requirement is in effect for diplomas granted beginning 2017.