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Madison Metropolitan School District

Reminder about Attendance Procedures

As the second semester continues, we’d like to remind you of the attendance procedures in place to keep our building safe and our students successful!


If your child is going to be absent or late for school, please call/email your SLC office or fill out this online form by 8:00am. 


Even with prior parent permission and the absence reported to the school, partial day absences require the student to check in and/or out of their Small Learning Community (SLC) Office. 


Leaving early? Grab a pass from your secretary in your SLC office when you arrive at school or during a passing period - you can then use that pass to leave class and leave the building at the designated time (no need to stop back in the office). This counts as "checking out."


Coming late or returning from an appointment? Enter the building through the Welcome Center - you will get a pass up to your SLC office, and your secretary will give you a pass to class. This counts as "checking in."


See more info and specific phone numbers/emails on our Attendance webpage.