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Regent Reset: Pilot Restorative Justice Initiative

Regent Reset: Pilot Restorative Justice Initiative

Dear Regent Scholars and Families,

The number one goal for staff at West is doing everything we can to support every scholar in being college, career and community ready. One of our top goals for all students is that they are in class, on time, and ready to engage in their learning. 

As second semester begins, students struggling with staying in class consistently will have an opportunity to participate in Regent Reset. Regent Reset is a pilot restorative justice initiative at West that is an alternative to suspension, specifically addressing the issue of excessive hallway walking and class avoidance. Regent Reset programming involves students attending a small group space, during which they will work individually, or in small groups to re-engage with the West community, reflect on choices that are made at school, and restorative options to connect our students at West. At this time, students will also have the opportunity to receive academic support and engage in psychoeducational lessons/sessions accompanied as appropriate. 

Regent Reset will be available to students each week during select hours of the school day. Scholars who participate in Regent Reset will not be permitted to use their phone in that space. All phones will be taken upon entry, and locked in a safe location until the student has completed the Regent Reset program for the day.  The goal of Regent Reset is to support scholars in feeling more connected to the West community and for that, we need to ensure they can be actively engaged.

Below is the behavior progression that students can anticipate staff following upon the return from Winter Break:

  • Initial Incident for excessing hallwalking, and refusal to comply with redirection - Student verbal notification, Level 2 Educlimber writeup and email/mail communication home
  • 2nd Incident–Level 2 Educlimber writeup, restorative conversation with students and phone call home reiterating behavior expectations. Caregivers will be asked to be  part of this conversation
  • 3rd Incident–Participation in Regent Reset, no phones allowed during this program
  • 4th Incident–Opportunity to participate in Regent Reset another time, or behavioral progression using the Behavior Intervention Plan. If a student refuses to comply with a staff member at West, further consequences/support will be discussed with the family.

If you have any questions or concerns about Regent Reset, please contact the administrator of your scholar’s SLC or the head principal, Mr. Dan Kigeya.