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Madison Metropolitan School District

Homecoming Update

We are planning to hold some of our traditional Homecoming festivities this year!  

A 2021 Homecoming court will be selected by our Seniors and will continue the tradition of developing skits to perform in front of the entire student body. It is still to be determined if this performance will be recorded or performed live, outside after the parade.


Spirit week is September 27th - October 1st

Monday - Class Colors

Freshmen - Red

Sophomores - Green

Juniors - Yellow

Seniors - Blue

Tuesday - Beach/Tourist Day

Wednesday - Decades Day

Freshmen - 1970’s

Sophomores - 1980’s

Juniors - 1990’s

Seniors - 2000’s

Thursday - Pajama Day



We will have a parade this year! Please come and support West High School clubs and sports teams. The parade route begins at Randall Elementary School and ends at the corner of Ash and Van Hise. Following the parade, we’ll have an outdoor assembly on the practice field. The day will end with an ice cream social.  

Here is the adjusted bell schedule for the day.