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Madison Metropolitan School District

Family Communication

July 2021

July 27th - West Student Incident

June 2021

June 10th - Daily Announcements 06/10/21 (to students only)

June 9th - Graduation Updates: Livestream link and more! (to Senior students and parents only)

June 9th - Daily Announcements 06/09/21 (to students only)

June 8th - Daily Announcements 06/08/21 (to students only)

June 7th - Family Update 06/07/21

June 7th - Graduation Ceremony Procedure (to Senior students and parents only)

June 7th - Regent Review May/June Issue

June 7th - Senior Party Info (to Senior students and parents only)

June 7th - Daily Announcements 06/07/21 (to students only)

June 4th - Graduation Ceremony & Teacher Organizer Confirmation (to Senior students and parents only)

June 4th - Daily Announcements 06/04/21 (to students only)

June 3rd - Materials Drop-off & Stole Pick-up

June 3rd - Daily Announcements 06/03/21 (to students only)

June 2nd - Family Update 06/01/21

June 2nd - Daily Announcements 06/02/21 (to students only)

June 1st - Class of 2021 Senior Party (to Senior students and parents only)

June 1st - Daily Announcements 06/01/21 (to students only)

May 2021

May 27th - Daily Announcements 05/27/21 (to students only)

May 26th - Daily Announcements 05/26/21 (to students only)

May 25th - Student Council Election Results (to students only)

May 25th - Daily Announcements 05/25/21 (to students only)

May 24th - Senior Party Update - NEW LOCATION! (to Seniors and parents only)

May 24th - Family Update 05/24/21

May 24th - Daily Announcements 05/24/21 (to students only)

May 21st - Daily Announcements 05/21/21 (to students only)

May 20th - Daily Announcements 05/20/21 (to students only)

May 19th - Face Newsletter - 3rd Edition

May 19th - Daily Announcemetns 05/19/21 (to students only)

May 18th - Graduation Ceremony Update (to Senior students and parents only)

May 18th - Family Update 05/18/21

May 18th - Daily Announcements 05/18/21 (to students only)

May 17th - Honor Marshal Nomination & Student Speaker Reminder (to Senior students)

May 17th - Update on West Snapchat Threat

May 17th - Daily Announcements 05/17/21 (to students only)

May 14th - 2021-2022 Student Council Elections (to 9th, 10th & 11th students only)

May 14th - Daily Announcements 05/14/21 (to students only)

May 13th - Daily Announcements 05/13/21 (to students only)

May 12th - Daily Announcements 05/12/21 (to students only)

May 11th - Alternate Schedule for Wednesday, May 12th

May 11th - Daily Announcements 05/11/21 (to students only)

May 10th - Family Update 05/10/21

May 10th - Graduation Ceremony Tickets & Senior Party (to Senior students and parents)

May 10th - Daily Announcements 05/10/21 (to students only)

May 7th - Forward Exam Test Details (to 10th graders scheduled to take Forward Exam)

May 7th - Forward Exam & High Holiday of Eid al Fitr (to 10th graders scheduled to take Forward Exam on May 13th)

May 7th - PHMDC Emergency Order #16 & Band

May 7th - Daily Announcements 05/07/21 (to students only)

May 7th - ACT Voucher (to Junior parents who had requested a voucher for the ACT)

May 6th - Senior Graduation Speaker Auditions (to Senior students only)

May 6th - Daily Announcements 05/06/21 (to students only)

May 6th - May Regent Reporter

May 5th - Daily Announcements 05/05/21 (to students only)

May 4th - Prom Court & Spirit Week! (to students only)

May 4th - FORWARD Test - RESPONSE NEEDED ASAP (to parents of 10th graders who had not yet filled out Forward survey)

May 4th - FACE Team Family Conversation (to parents only)

May 4th - Daily Announcements 05/04/21 (to students only)

May 4th - Notifying you of a positive COVID-19 case at West High School

May 3rd - Movin' West Virtual Presentation (to 8th grade Cherokee, Wright & Hamilton students and parents only)

May 3rd - Family Update 05/03/21

May 3rd - Daily Announcements 05/03/21 (to students only)

April 2021

April 30th - Aspire Test - Testing Date & Room + More Details! (to students taking the Aspire test and parents only)

April 30th - Vote for Prom Court! (to Senior students only)

April 30th - Regent Review April Issue (to students only)

April 30th - Centro Hispano/UW Health Covid Vaccine for Spanish-Speaking Families (TEXT to Spanish-speaking families only)

April 30th - Daily Announcements 04/30/21 (to students only)

April 29th - Daily Announcements 04/29/21 (to students only)

April 28th - Forward Exam - May 12th & 13th (to Junior parents only)

April 28th - Prom Season is Upon Us! (to Senior students only)

April 28th - Movin' West Communication 2021 (to 8th grade Cherokee, Wright & Hamilton students and parents only)

April 28th - Daily Announcements 04/28/21 (to students only)

April 27th - Family Update 04/26/21

April 27th - Daily Announcements 04/27/21 (to students only)

April 23rd - Daily Announcements 04/23/21 (to students only)

April 22nd - Cap/Gown Pick-up & Graduation Update 04/22/21 (to Senior students and parents only)

April 22nd - FACE Newsletter - Second Edition (to parents only)

April 22nd - Big Idea Campaign

April 22nd - UPDATED ZOOM LINK: Affinity Space for Parents of Students of Color (to parents of students of color only)

April 22nd - Daily Announcements 04/22/21 (to students only)

April 21st - Affinity Space for Parents of Students of Color (to parents of students of color only)

April 21st - Public Health Madison & Dane County - Vaccines Available (to parents only)

April 21st - West Response to George Floyd Murder Verdict (to parents only)

April 21st - Daily Announcements 04/21/21 (to students only)

April 20th - NEW ACCESS test form and dates (to students indicated to take ACCESS test and parents only)

April 19th - Affinity Space for Families of Color - Tonight at 5pm (to parents of students of color only)

April 19th - Family Update 04/19/21

April 19th - Graduation Updates (to Seniors and parents only)

April 19th - West Athletics Update