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Madison Metropolitan School District

Costa Rica Youth Exchange Program

 Global Competence: Preparing Our Youth to Engage the World

We bring youth together!

Spanish confidence thrives when we are open to new people, new outlooks and new challenges. Slow down this summer, take in the breeze and follow toucans in the trees.  While toasting tortillas make new friends, laugh, and feel at ease while exploring rich greenways of waterfalls, horses, honey and cheese. 

Socially-infused language adventure

High school exchange Costa Rica

Jump into our festive school culture.

Since 1998, our Costa Rica high school summer exchange brings youth together in a mutually shared experience of friendship and community spirit. Visiting teens thrive in our welcoming school culture, share mornings and lunchtime (four days a week). We've developed a special core of relaxed/non-academic sessions that are both fun and  socially interactive with local teens. Sessions include arts, cooking, music, dance, Spanish conversation, game days, volunteer school projects. Two days a week are for exploring our 5 village network in outdoor adventure,  youth-team challenges and community cook-outs.

 This summer, the difference is you.

  • Feel comfortable using Spanish everyday.
  • Shift your social engagement into high gear.
  • Live a truly unscripted, spontaneous local adventure'.
  • Gain the confidence to make connections anywhere.

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