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World Languages

World Language Department Staff Information

West World Languages


Jennifer Muchka -

Elizabeth Gosling -


Jonathan Gillette -


Michelle Bayouth -


Seth Fischer -

Alberto Fontán Moreno -

Roberto García Delgado -

Faith Hoenecke -

Una Israeli -

Kathleen Schneider -

Lindsey Tyser -

Caitlin Quintenz -

Deana Zorko -


World Language Course Information

FOR1010 - French 1

FOR1020 - French 2

FOR1030 - French 3

FOR1040 - French 4

FOR1060 - AP French Language and Culture

FOR2010 - Spanish 1

FOR2020 - Advanced Spanish 1

FOR2030 - Spanish 2

FOR2040 - Spanish 3

FOR2050 - Spanish 4

FOR2070 - AP Spanish Language and Culture

FOR2080 - Spanish for Native Speakers

FOR8050 - Spanish Language Arts 1

FOR8080 - AP Spanish Literature and Culture

FOR3010 - German 1

FOR3020 - German 2

FOR3030 - German 3

FOR3040 - German 4

FOR6010 - Latin 1

FOR6020 - Latin 2

FOR6030 - Latin 3

FOR6040 - Latin 4

FOR6050 - Latin 5

FOR7010 - Japanese 1

FOR7020 - Japanese 2

FOR7030 - Japanese 3

FOR7040 - Japanese 4

FOR8010 - Facilitated Language Study (FLS) - offered in Japanese, Korean, Italian and Ho Chunk

FOR8091 - Language & Community Engagement


World Language Online Resources

World Language Scholars Program - Information for students interested in being part of the GLobal Scholars Program

Clases de Sra. Zorko - Resources and class information

Clases de Maestra Una - Resources and class information


Travel and Hosting Opportunities

Amigos de las Américas

CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) - Global Navigators

CIEE Current Update

Costa Rica Youth Exchange

Language and Friendship


Listening Practice

If you would like to improve your listening skills, check out these great and varied resources. When doing any listening, always ask yourself: What is the purpose of this audio? Who is the audience? What are the main ideas? Where might these speakers be from, based on their accents, details in the video, etc.

Radio Ambulante (podcasts on a variety of topics):

BBC Mundo (videos and audios on current events):

Various TV outlets (videos, news articles, TV programs):