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Madison Metropolitan School District

Social Studies

Social Studies Department Staff Information

West Social Studies

Social Studies Course Information

SOC1010 - U.S. History

SOC1030 - U.S. History Honors

SOC6070 - U.S. History in Spanish (DLI)

SOC2050 - Western Civilization

SOC2090 - AP European History

SOC1075 - Modern U.S. History-African American Experience

SOC1045 - Modern U.S. History

SOC1060 - AP U.S. History

SOC6015 - Area Studies-Africa

SOC6025 - Area Studies-Latin America

SOC6035 - Area Studies-Middle East

SOC6045 - Area Studies-China/East Asia

SOC2125 - Wisconsin First Nations

SOC3015 - Economics

SOC5045 - AP U.S. Government and Politics

SOC6065 - Contemporary World Issues

SOC4015 - Social Issues

SOC4115 - Philosophy

SOC4025 - Psychology

SOC4085 - U.S. Gender Studies

Social Studies Department Online Resources

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